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Microsoft Exchange Server is an email based collaborative communications server for businesses. It is essentially a computer server that stores your company's email, calendars, address books and files centrally so they are available and accessible to your team 24x7. It is the messaging system of choice for most Fortune 500 companies. Among its many advanced features, Microsoft Exchange Server email allows companies to
  • Securely access email remotely
  • Manage contact information of employees and customers and access this data at anytime
  • Share documents across the team so everyone is working from the most current version, thus eliminating inefficiency
  • View colleagues' up to date calendars, and schedule meetings at anytime
As you can see, Exchange is an enabler that will make your team much more productive through constant access to valuable, current information.

In order to utilize the Microsoft Exchange Emails account, your organization has to have access to an Exchange Server account. This has been made easy by the introduction of 'Hosted Exchange'. Hosted Exchange enables companies to gain access to an Exchange Server, without requiring a license. Other benefits of hosted Exchange include 24x7 maintenance, and customizable account options, which ensure your company is able to maximize the utilization of the Microsoft Exchange Server email service.

Once obtained, Exchange Server email accounts can be accessed using MS Outlook, which is part of the Microsoft suite of programs. While you may access webmail via outlook, the Exchange Server email enables you as a company to maximize the use of Microsoft Outlook, as some of the features of MS Outlook require an Exchange Server. Additional benefits of the Exchange email account include enhanced security features included in the software package and monitoring capabilities that ensure that any email issues are detected quickly before they compromise business productivity.

Be sure to contact Altokom for more information on our hosted MS Exchange service. We provide customized packages to fit your specific needs.
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