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Set your business apart with professional email addresses at your company name, i.e. yourname@yourcompanyname.com. Reinforce your brand rather than yahoo or gmail, whilst at the same time conveying a professional image for your company. With our email hosting services you can provide professional personalized email addresses for each member of your staff. You also have the ability to create email addresses based on departments such as sales@yourcompanyname.com, billing@yourcompanyname.com.

Creation of a website is not required to make use of this service, and can be integrated at a later date. However, we recognize the importance of having a web presence in today's world and provide each email hosting account with a website business card.

Our Email Hosting services comes in three flavors:
  • Business Email
    This is our basic email service and includes a business productivity suite - personal calendar, tasks, notes, and contacts.

  • Business Email Plus
    Business Email Plus includes all the features of our Business Email service plus collaboration and synchronization features. With our Business Email Plus service, staff can share their calendars, tasks, contacts, notes and email folders with their colleagues, boosting productivity while they work.

  • Microsoft Exchange Email
    Microsoft Exchange Email is the most widely used email service across the world of business, and is the email system of choice for most Fortune 500 companies. Altokom provides Enterprise email based on Microsoft Exchange 2007 Server, enabling you to take advantage of the powerful tools available using the Microsoft office suite of products,
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