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Altokom Ltd is an information technology (IT) solutions company that matches clients’ needs to specific solutions. Our ultimate goal is to delight our clients by ensuring we provide solutions that meet their need. We do not believe in underselling or overselling solutions as a matter of convenience, rather we tailor each solution to the unique situation of our client.

At Altokom, we believe strongly in the importance of IT solutions in today’s business landscape, as information technology has revolutionized the way we do business in the 21st century. At the click of a button, company information could be accessed by millions of people around the globe; maximizing this opportunity could mean a million more opportunities of growth for that business. Yet, information technology is not only about promoting a company. Using IT tools, businesses can increase productivity and grow their bottom line with little investment. Collaborative web tools can reduce costs significantly, and innovative data management tools can ensure employees have access to relevant, up-to-date information when they need it.

Altokom celebrates the individuality of our clients, and understands that every client has different needs. For this reason, Altokom works closely with our clients, to determine the right strategy to create a suite of IT solutions that fit their needs. Our solutions range from designing a web presence to providing data management services. An effective web presence can convey a professional and informative image, one that is effective at reaching and attracting the desired target market, while data management services enable clients to reduce operating costs, at the same time maximizing productivity. Altokom also offers training and IT management services to ensure our customers get the most out of the jointly defined solution. We do not want our solutions to be last year’s great idea gone quiet; we want our solutions to have a profound effect on how you do business.

Altokom treats each client’s project personally, and has a dedicated team that constantly reviews and refines the required work product. Our mottos of integrity, quality, superior customer service and professionalism result in solutions that give our clients the competitive edge they need to excel in their chosen area of business. At the end of the day, when our clients win, we win too!
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